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The series is a collection of subtly rearranged, interpreted and manipulated photographs that piece together and create new fragments of suspended time, memory and the unexpected. Her work is playful at times, questioning the notion of memory, while it continuously situates you in the challenges and horrors of war. This is an artist everyone should keep an eye on.

Today, the territory of the image covers an incredible variety of fields, depicting human activity and the objects that shape our daily cultural, political, economic and social life. Travelling through this extreme diversity, it is astonishing to encounter new visions on seemingly familiar subjects, especially those that have been approached since the origins of photography. For example, architecture is one of those iconic representations of our world that photography has been questioning since its inception.

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Among the many images entered in this competition, I was especially marked by the original work of Ben Thomas, which offers us a new look at the meaning an architectural object can carry. For chemical reasons, photography's original abstract approaches to representing reality were made at the exclusion of color, instead focusing their vision solely in black and white.

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Today, everything seems technically possible, from black to transparency, white to global illumination. With undeniable efficiency and precision, Thomas' work offers us a redeeming vision of the architectural monument. Initially, as an adventure of light projected onto clean geometries.

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Then, beyond this frontal and luminous glance, we discover the documentation of functional objects that enjoy the happiness of space and frozen time. Memory and time are one of the fundamental questions of human experience and, in particular, are important factors in photography as a medium. In each country, preserving and passing on the negative memories of the past is done as a form of asset management—though inevitably, the intensity lessens as time goes by. In this work, Gesche Wurfel approaches the vital problems of memory and time in a direct manner, looking at the vulnerability of our recollections to inadvertent alterations that happen in the brain.

This affects us not only personally but leads to the instability of history in general, as our collective story is constantly being reshaped or erased in order to serve the present. This brilliant work communicates a clear and important message on the subject and brings a unique perspective to our sense of history. And by writing compelling, fact-filled captions for each photograph, he encourages deep reading and understanding about the current state of affairs and inequality in these still-divided communities.

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She plays with photographic genres in clever and disturbing ways. In fact, she is one of the few photographers to be highly political without concentrating on the faces of the candidates during this recent US election season. As a result, her work is both local and global in its stance. Not only did I want to see more, it truly felt like he was telling a story. There were so many talented photographers in this contest, so many that really captured a spirit, had skill, and had a command of storytelling.

But not only did Zachary's story seem incredible poignant for the work he presented here, there was something about this one particular photo, the one of the Amish boys watching the elder play a baseball-like sport, that seemed so naturally poetic that I wanted to see more.

And that is really what I wanted to do with this, really look at a photographer that I felt was onto something, and this idea of identity in the American Family, something that is so increasingly at question with this past election and whole campaign season, really drew me to Zachary's work. Michael Famighetti is editor of Aperture Magazine. Famighetti has degrees from Bard College and Columbia University, where he has also taught.

He speaks and reviews portfolios at leading photography events around the world. Fred Ritchin is Dean of the School at ICP the International Center of Photography , serving more than 5, students each year in graduate, one-year certificate, continuing education, and youth photography programs. Previously the picture editor of the New York Times Magazine —82 , executive editor of Camera Arts magazine —83 , and founding director of the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Program at the International Center of Photography —86 , Ritchin has curated numerous exhibitions, and written and lectured internationally about the challenges and possibilities implicit in the digital revolution.

An independent curator since , she has initiated commissions, publications, mass participation, art, film and photography exhibitions. She is a juror, portfolio reviewer, workshop leader, speaker and award nominator throughout Europe, America and Asia. Christopher McCall is the director of Pier 24 Photography in San Francisco, one of the largest exhibition spaces devoted to photography. The aim of Galerie VU' is to affirm, on the walls, the diversity of contemporary stylistic photographic approaches, and to compare and contrast current viewpoints, so they can dialogue with their differences.

Galerie VU' works like any other commercial gallery: it is simultaneously a space for exhibiting and selling collectors' editions, offering monograph approaches as well as hosting authors' dialogues, group and thematic approaches. Besides collaborating with several magazines as a freelance editor, she became involved in various fields including art projects, book and catalogue editing, and film promotion.

She became the editorial director of IMA magazine in January Evan Pricco is the current Editor-in-Chief of Juxtapoz Magazine , a leading international art and culture magazine founded in Lapham the design he wants. Johnny asks if the pitcher was made by John Coney, but it turns out that it was made by Mr.


Lapham himself. Lapham hesitates before taking the assignment; he worries that he no longer has the skill to make such a fine object. Johnny steps in and assures Mr. Hancock that the sugar basin will be done on time and to his standards. Hancock leaves tips for Johnny, Dove, and Dusty. Lapham explains that this is political. Hancock wants the apprentices to vote for him when they are old enough. As for himself, Mr. Lapham disagrees with Mr. He thinks that Americans should humbly submit to English rule.

Johnny works late making molds for the sugar basin. When he comes in, Cilla has made him dinner and is drawing something on her slate. She explains that she is making Johnny a seal, so that when he is a master-smith he can stamp his work with his initials. In the middle of the night, Cilla wakes Johnny up.

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Isannah is feeling nauseous and needs some fresh air. He reluctantly agrees to carry her to the wharf so her stomach will feel better. As the three young people sit together, Johnny feels so close to the girls that he decides to tell them his middle name. It is Lyte, and the girls speculate that Johnny is related to the rich Merchant Lyte. He tells them the story of his childhood. Her writing style focuses on the senses, especially those of taste and smell.

This may be due to the fact that Harris has a form of synaesthesia , in which she experiences colours as scents. Father-figures are frequently absent, and mothers are often portrayed as controlling, harsh or even abusive, as in Blueeyedboy and Five Quarters of the Orange.

Harris favours a first-person, dual-narrator narrative structure, often revisiting past events to cast light on current developments. This generally makes for complex characterization, and even minor characters are often unusually well developed. Her books have a very strong sense of place, with settings that play as significant a role as do the characters themselves.



Malbry is also the name of Maddy's home in the Rune books, and seems to bear a certain resemblance to Harris's home village of Almondbury. Over the years, when I met with Miller annually and approached the doors of his homes in Napa and Pebble Beach in California, or the one outside Park City, Utah, I knew two hours of surprises, wisdom, humor and hot takes awaited me inside. Good as he was on TV, he always was constrained to 3- or second bursts, not enough to truly air things out.

In person, Miller is one of the greatest story tellers who ever lived, his excellent memory combined with a varied lifetime in golf provoking Zelig-like stories that were incredible, at least to me. He always filled my notebook and tape recorder with observations, advice, reminiscences and predictions about the game and its players.

He was always generous, professional, on time and determined to give me more than I needed. Johnny typically answered the door wearing jeans, a golf shirt and loafers with no socks. Once inside, his wife, Linda, frequently made tuna sandwiches. He always asked about my family. There is great warmth in his home. All kinds of amazing golf bric-a-brac littered his houses. Open at Olympic. His takes on junior golf come to mind. How do you get a small child hooked in golf? How do you teach them about golf course safety?

For the rest of their lives, they will realize clubs can do a lot of damage. There, in his garage, sat a slew of bizarre-looking putters in various stages of hand-made production. He handed Johnny a finished prototype, dropped a ball on a patch of carpet and invited him to hit.